Simien Mountains, EthiopiaA journey packed with incredible sights. A real adventure which will be hugely rewarding. Because of the limited choice of accommodation there is only one version of this itinerary. Here’s your Ethiopia itinerary:

1 ✈To Addis Ababa (Book >)
✈Addis to Lalibela flight (Book >)
Dep: 20:15 🏨 In flight!
2 Dep: 08:10 Arr: 06:50
Arr: 09:10
🏨Harbe Hotel (Book >) All hotels >
Flights to Lalibela depart on Monday and Friday only, plan your Ethiopia itinerary accordingly.
3 Your hotel is close to all the sights, including the 11 rock-hewn churches in town. Any additional time should be spent visiting Yemrehanna Kristos and/or one of the nearby monasteries. At an altitude of 2,600m be prepared for cold and breathlessness.
4 ✈Lalibela to Axum flight (Book >) Dep: 10:45 Arr: 11:25 🏨Sabean International Hotel (Book >) All hotels >
Must-sees include the Ruins of Aksum and the Northern Stelae Field. Guides can be arranged at the tourist info.
5 🚌Axum to Shire bus Dep: Any time before 6pm Arr: Any time 🏨Gebar Shire Hotel (Book >) All hotels >
There’s not much to see in Shire so spend more time soaking up Axum’s sights. Minibuses depart for Shire through the day until 6pm.
6 🚌Shire to Debark bus Dep: 05:30-06:00 Arr: c.10hrs later 🏨Limalimo Lodge (Book >) All hotels >
After a long journey enjoy the luxuries of the lodge and the incredible view. This is a rough road, take travel sickness pills if you need!
7 Every visitor to the Simien Mountains park has to pay for a park scout, make the most of them and embark on a full-day hike. Extend your trip a few days by embarking on a 4-5 day hike.
8 🚌Debark to Gondar bus Dep: Any time Arr: Any time 🏨Mayleko Lodge (Book >) All hotels >
Fit another trek in before journeying to Gondar Limalimo Lodge can arange a shuttle to Gondar.
9 Spend the day exploring the Royal Enclosure (Fasil Ghebbi). Don’t-miss sights include Fasiladas’ Palace, Palace of Iyasu I and Debre Berhan Selassie Church. When ordering wat (curry) be sure to ask for the more tasty kai wat – alicha wat can be very bland!
10 🚌Gondar to Bahar Dar bus Dep: Every hr on the hr in the AM Arr: 3-4hrs later 🏨Delano Hotel (Book >) All hotels >
Take a relaxing cruise on the lake to one of the island monasteries. Boats on Lake Tana have fixed rates – be wary of hustlers.
11 ✈Bahar Dar to Addis Ababa flight (Book >) Dep: Afternoon Arr: Afternoon 🏨Caravan Hotel (Book >) All hotels >
Before leaving Bahar Dar visit the nearby Blue Nile Falls and enjoy a self-guided walk, starting at the Portuguese Bridge (you’ll need to pay a boatman to cross back over the river). You can pay a guide for the falls walk, but the route is fairly easy to follow by yourself.
12 ✈Addis Ababa to home Dep: 14:25 Arr: 16:20 Connect this Ethiopia itinerary with the Kenya or Tanzania itinerary
Visit the Lucy replica in the National Museum and the excellent Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum.

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