China: planning made easy

We entered China in the dead of night, awoken by the wheels being removed from our train. This was to be expected – we were, after all, travelling from Russia where the rails have a different gauge. Thus began our 6-week visit to this immense and fascinating country.

One of the great things about using this itinerary is that you benefit from my hindsight. Yes, we saw many amazing places in China and yes, a lot of these feature in the China itinerary. But there were some places that we could have missed out on and others which we should really have gone to see.

What’s noticeable is how much easier it has become to travel around China by train, and to plan that travel (thank you The rail network has dramatically improved and is now a fast, yet still cheap, way of seeing the country. I missed out on a couple of key sights last time I was there, but it’s good to have an excuse to go back.


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