A travel blog for those who enjoy independent travel, A Plan To Go harnesses over 19 years of travel industry knowledge (including with some of the world’s largest travel brands) as well as direct knowledge of over 80 countries to produce easy- and free-to-use travel itineraries. I also write a bit about my experiences with creating these itineraries.


How do you put together your itineraries?

I use a combination of online resources, our years of travel industry expertise, guide books, contacts in destinations and direct experience. I also have a blog detailing how we researched our South America itineraries.

Which online resources do you use?

Hundreds! My favourites include Booking.com, Busbud, Direct Ferries, HomeAway, Kayak, Leading Hotels of the World, Seat61, Skyscanner, The Trainline, TravelSupermarket, TripAdvisor and Trivago.

I don’t seen an independent travel plan for me, will you be adding more?

Yes, I’m constantly adding new travel plans so please keep checking back. Alternatively, if there’s a destination I haven’t yet featured, let me know on the contact form.

How do you decided which hotels to use?

I use a number of online review resources and match these against price to ascertain value for money. Many of the hotels featured have been visited by someone from A Plan To Go.

Are the travel times accurate?

They are accurate at time of publishing. I often re-check the travel plans to ensure the times are up-to-date. If you do spot an inaccuracy then I always appreciate feedback on the feedback form beneath each plan.

Why don’t you have exact flight timings?

I’ve chosen to provide a recommended time of departure based on time of day i.e. Morning, Afternoon or Evening. Because of the large number of available flights and the frequent adjustment of airline timetables I thought it best to let you find a time that suited you.

Will A Plan To Go become available in other countries?

It already is! The travel plans apply to wherever you are setting out from, the only aspect you’ll need to adjust is your departure airport when you click through (currently set to United Kingdom).