My Favourite Luxury Hotels – Olympic National Park

The hotel:
Lake Crescent Lodge

  1. Fly to Seattle
  2. Ride the Link train to Stadium Station
  3. Take the delightful Dungeness Line bus from the Greyhound station to Port Angeles
  4. Hire a car and drive 21 miles to the lodge
Luxury hotels Olympic National Park
Lake shore in front of the Lodge

Located in Washington State’s wondrous Olympic National Park (designated by President Roosevelt in 1909), Lake Crescent lodge is perched on the edge of this large lake, with pine forests and mountains all around.

Lake Crescent Lodge
View from the cabin…wow

This lodge was built just 6 years after the Olympic peninsula became a national park, and as soon as you enter the main building you’ll realise you’re somewhere special. Fireplaces keep you warm, and the view across the lake from the Sun Porch is breathtaking. If you’re in need of fresh air then you can sit at the end of the pier, hire a kayak, or go hiking in the nearby woods to a waterfall.

Although the lodge is listed as a 3*, stay in a Roosevelt Fireplace Cabin and you’ll see why I think this lodge deserves its luxury title. However, there is a large range of accommodation for all budgets.

In addition to the fine accommodation, the lodge also offers fine dining, with fresh salmon served up on cedar boards being one of my favourite dishes here.

Rustic cabin with fireplace

Prices start at $138/night for more basic accommodation, rising to $301 for those indulgent cabins. Combine this with a ยฃ311 return flight from the UK, $49 for the return bus journey, and car hire for 4 days from ยฃ177, you could have a 3 nights in this incredible lodge only ยฃ825 (although I do recommend those cabins, and staying in the area for much longer, maybe even taking the train to Canada!).

Luxury Hotels – Olympic National Park

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