Pagan London

Read about some of the sacred Pagan sites in the UK capital

Britain is home to many famous pagan sites, including, of course, Stonehenge. These sacred sites are dotted throughout the land, including London.

Primrose Hill

Druids have been climbing Primrose Hill to mark the equinoxes for 305 years. At the top of the hill, along with breathtaking views of the city, you’ll also find a stone plaque which commemorates the Welsh Druid priest who organised the first ceremony here in 1717. Ley lines – invisible lines demarcate Earth’s ‘energies’ – are believed by some to run under the hill.

Thorney Island

Druids once devised laws on this island, which was between the streams of the River Tyburn. The island disappeared along with the Tyburn, but you can visit the location at Thorney Street, a few blocks west from the Houses of Parliament.

Temple of Mithras

This Roman temple was discovered in 1954 during the construction of a building. It dates back to the mid-3rd century and is dedicated to Mithras, a cult which had feasting as one of its rituals.

London Stone

Although probably originally part of a building (the Roman Governor’s Palace), this ancient stone is shrouded in pagan myth.

Ludgate Hill

A pagan temple stood here until 597. Now all you’ll find there is St Paul’s Cathedral.


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