#ShareTravel – top travel content Jun-Aug 2022

Some of the best travel content I’ve read in Jun-Aug 2022

It’s been too long since I last wrote one of these posts. There has been some particularly compelling travel content written recently, here’s some of the best that caught my eye:

Camino Portuguese – @SoloTravelStory

Whenever the time comes to pick a pilgrimage route to Santiago, Carolin’s site will be my first stop. This exemplary post contains so much useful detail, but presented in an easy-to-read way. I appreciate Carolin’s honesty, as well as her enthusiasm for places I’ve never heard of before but would now love to see for myself.

Tibet’s Amdo region – @spartanwanderer

I was made aware of this blog post thanks to Carolin sharing her favourite interactions of the week. Seth’s blog is one of the most beautifully-presented I’ve seen and the topic – Tibet – is one that I’m particularly interested in. Seth does a wonderful job of weaving in the colours, patterns and phrases he saw in Tibet to create some lovely artwork. My desire to visit this remarkable place has never been stronger.

Finland’s Saimaa region – @rhondylou

Just when I thought I knew where I’d like to go in Finland, a piece like this comes to my attention and I find myself needing to re-write my itinerary. Rhonda has a way of writing that transports me from my hot metropolis to the cool and peaceful forests of Finland. Perfect. I’m a big fan of the Great Outdoors and so it was fun to learn about the Saimaa region and the various ways to experience it.

Mali Losinj – @RJonTourUK

It was during a recent intense 2-week trip to France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy that we realised we need a more relaxing escape. Croatia is a country that never disappoints, but with such a vast choice of tempting places where should we go? Cue RJOnTour’s post on Mali Losinj. Full of fascinating facts and useful info, this helped me to make my mind up about visiting this town on the island of Losinj. Reading it again now and I cannot wait to get there.

Pack rafting in Lapland – @cassamlooch

I’m a keen hiker, kayaker and rafter. But it’s never been all that easy to combine all three, which is why I’ve long been excited about the idea of pack rafting (a pack raft is a super-light inflatable boat that can be carried on a hike and used for short journeys on water). Cassam’s recent tweet of his pack rafting experience in Lapland renewed my excitement for this way of seeing the wildernessc, and I look forward to him writing about his experience.


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