Medieval meets modern in Morocco

You know those destinations where you feel as though youโ€™re walking through the set of a film? Morocco felt like just such a destination, perhaps because it has featured in numerous films. Also, like what seems to be thousands of places worldwide, Morocco also features heavily as a backdrop in Game of Thrones.

The great thing about Morocco is that, whilst not at all far from Europe, it feels so exotic. People walking around in their hooded djellabas, intricate Moorish architecture, grunting camels โ€“ and thatโ€™s just the cities. Here starts the great Sahara desert, the immense Atlantic crashes along Moroccoโ€™s shores, snowy mountains sit above mud brick villages.

It was a challenge figuring out the itinerary for this country. It was easy to create the Luxury version โ€“ having your own driver makes travel simple. But public transport didnโ€™t always connect in the places where I wanted it to (why is there no bus between Merzouga, Tinerhir and Ouarzate?!) โ€“ instead I had to use Marrakech as a base from which to explore the High Atlas and desert. Accommodation was also cheap enough that hostels could often be exchanged with interesting, great value riads.

Tours from Marrakech were the easiest and best value ways of getting to Ouarzazate and Zagora. Choosing one which included a night in a desert Berber camp was vital for the Budget and Mid-range versions, especially as they donโ€™t go to the dunes at Merzouga. Amid all this medieval scenery, it was amazing to see that Morocco has a high speed rail line โ€“ a good example of how easy it is to see this incredible country.


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