Disconnected Jordan

Jordan is the first itinerary I’ve created without actually having visited the country. Through a combination of studying various tour operator itineraries, researching the top sights and knowledge of what simply cannot be missed on a visit there, I hope that I’ve put together something which proves useful to visitors (all feedback welcome!)

Whilst it’s relatively easy to put together an itinerary for those with a larger budget, due to the availability of personal drivers, figuring out public transport for the other itineraries was more challenging. At first I was happy to see that there is a national coach operator (Jett), but then realised that their network was pretty limited. So, what to do?

More research, including contacting various local tourist boards, meant that I was able to eventually figure out how to get about. The answer was a rather vague one – something along the lines of ‘take one of the many minibuses that leave from this random bus station at indeterminate times’. Having obtained the best advice on how to determine those departure times I was able to progress to the next destination and, faced with the same issue, started again.

For a relatively short itinerary, Jordan took a long time to put together because of these challenges. But now there is a fully-detailed plan which should make a visit far simpler for any independent traveller.


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