Once upon a time…

Fairytale castles and towns, vibrant cities and pristine forests and mountains – putting together the Germany itinerary made me want to drop everything and go back. Even better, thanks to Germany’s excellent rail and bus network, it was a breeze to plan.

So easy, in fact, was it to plan travel in this country that I decided to throw in the challenge of a Rhine cruise on day 5. Having once worked in the cruise industry, there was a temptation to make this a multi-day cruise, but that would have made for an entirely different holiday, and one which wouldn’t take much planning. The other challenge was finding well-rated budget accommodation, often in small towns – Germany is not a cheap destination.

Hiring a car isn’t necessarily possible for budget backpackers, and so finding a route through the Black Forest (which meant that travellers could experience the best bits) involved scrutinising local bus routes which, unfortunately, proved inadequate. And so the second night in Baden-Baden was swapped with picturesque Triberg and incorporated in to the onward journey.

Stick to currywurst, follow the recommended itinerary and hit those museums on a Sunday and you can have a relatively cheap German holiday. Or just splurge on some of the best accommodation that Europe can offer.


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