USA in Spring

USA in spring
USA in Spring

If you’re lucky enough to be in the USA in spring you may notice that, as the pandemic slowly recedes, the country is starting to open up to domestic tourism again. Some states are understandably remaining closed to visitors from both home and abroad, but of those which you can now visit I’ve found some springtime inspiration.

Maple Sugaring in New Hampshire

USA in spring - New Hampshire

We’re coming to the end of Maple Sugaring Month in New Hampshire, which means there are loads of sweet treats to be found throughout the state. You’ll also notice all the trees coming into bud and flowers popping up everywhere – the perfect time for a cycle or walk.

Texas Hill Country

USA in spring - Texas

Gentle hills studded with trees and threaded with serene rivers, Texas Hill Country comes alive in Spring with vast blooms of Bluebonnet – the state flower.

Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

USA in spring - Michigan

By late spring temperatures here begin to average 68ยฐF – perfect for exploring Michigan’s great outdoors. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous this is a wonderful time for camping.

Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park


Hire a car and marvel at the spring foliage and flowers along the Skyline Drive – 105 miles of picturesque road running through the Blue Ridge Mountains

Wyoming Wildlife


With spring comes new born animals, and Wyoming is full of fluffy frolicking calves, cubs and other assorted cuties which you can see throughout the state, including in Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

Please note that this USA in Spring post features states which are listed as being open to visitors on CNN at time of publishing. kofiwidget2.init(‘Help support this blog’, ‘#ab3801’, ‘A0A11OSAU’);kofiwidget2.draw();

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