#ShareTravel – top travel content Mar 2021

A tiny light of future travel is beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel. Throughout this pandemic I’ve been really impressed at how travel bloggers/writers/sites have continued to publish engaging content, and in March I saw a huge variety of articles and posts. I’ve no doubt that some passed me by, but here are a few which caught my attention this month:

A ghostly town in Utah – @HHLifestyleTrav

I’m intrigued by ghost towns, but haven’t really been to all that many (or any, come to think of it). I’d never heard of Grafton, but Hannah’s post was full of useful and interesting information, not least the amazing history of the town, as well as some enticing photography. The fact that one of the most famous Westerns ever made was filmed in Grafton really makes me want to visit.

Chile National Parks – @GreenMochila

‘Chile National Parks’ – just those three words are enough to cast images of vast landscapes into my mind. The collection of travel bloggers on Green Mochila’s post have put together clear and concise guides to 9 of their favourites. This is a really useful resource for anyone thinking of visiting Chile.

Sean Villanueva O’Driscolโ€ชlโ€ฌ – @FergalTravel

Fergal chats with Sean about his recent solo ascent of Cerro Fitz Roy, which has received worldwide recognition. I spent my 40th birthday staring out the window, Sean spent it on this impressive mountain having been ‘stuck’ in El Chalten for 13 months. This is a fascinating listen about the six 6am-midnight days that Sean experienced when climbing – I particularly like that he played a tin whistle on every summit, and as someone who loves Patagonia but can only stare at those summits in awe, I particularly enjoyed hearing about how strange it is to return to ground after spending up to 20 days on rock faces.

Tokyo budget – @char_x0

Japan isn’t exactly famous for being a budget destination and, having been to Tokyo, I think I’d find it a challenge to write an entire post about how to visit the city on a budget. And yet Char has done just this. Reading this post (and any of Char’s writing) was fun – lots of humour and personal views mixed with handy tips. I’m also grateful for the reminder of the Klook app.

Che meets Fidel – @NomadicBackpac1

With a title like ‘Che Guevara meets Fidel Castro in Mexico City’ how could I resist reading? Sure enough this post by Nomadic Backpacker lives up to the headline, with some useful background info as well as a fair few fascinating facts that I’m sure many of us had never known before. In these times I appreciate more than ever the ability to travel via other people’s words and pictures, and the images here do a great job of transporting me into Mexico City streets and cafes.

Seat 61 at 20 – @seatsixtyone

Today (21 March 2021) this wonderful website turns 20. I’ve used it on my travels through 6 continents and never fail to be impressed by Mark’s passion for rail travel. Whenever I take the Eurostar service I always think of Mark’s favourite seat 61 – many congratulations to him, I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years has in store for rail travel.

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