In the years since we last travelled the world I’ve become an almost obsessive planner, both because I enjoy planning but also because it allows us to spend more time enjoying a destination and less time faffing about. It also helps to save a lot of money. I’ve done a poor job of pasting in the itinerary I have planned for South America but as you can see it’s all very planned out!

My planning formula is the basis for A Plan To Go – it’s been tried and tested in dozens of countries worldwide, now it’s time to see if it works in South America.

  Date Where? How? When? Where to stay? Notes How much?
Dep Arr
Thu 30-Aug LHR to Lisbon TAP 363
TAP 22
11:20 14:05 Bahiacafe Arrange airport pickup T
Lisbon to Salvador 16:45 21:20
Fri 31-Aug Salvador       As above A ยฃ21.54
Sat 01-Sep Salvador to Manaus Gol 1808 16:45 21:30 Local Hostel Pay R$98.60 on arrival T
Su-Mo 2-3 Sep Amazon       Jungle lodge Amazon Eco Adventure tours ยฃ219.00
Tue 04-Sep Manaus       Local Hostel Pay R$98.60 on arrival A ยฃ12.02
Wed 05-Sep Manaus to Rio Gol 2105 15:25 20:25 Villa 25 T
Th-Fr 6-7 Sep Rio     As above A ยฃ34.00
Sat 08-Sep Rio to Jacarei
Jacarei to Ihla Grande
Biergarten Hostel Costa Verde bus A ยฃ24.13
Sun 09-Sep Ihla Granda     As above Cancellable. R$399.5 to pay A ยฃ24.13
Mon 10-Sep Ihla Grande Angra dos Reis
Angra dos Reis to Paraty
10:00 13:00 Pousada Casa do Rio R$ 166,25 to pay T
Tue 11-Sep Paraty     As above A ยฃ17.25
Wed 12-Sep Paraty to Sao Paulo Bus Reunidas Paulista 13:40 19:20 Royal Jardins  R$38 to pay at hotel A ยฃ25.23
Thu 13-Sep Sao Paulo to Foz do Iguacu Gol 1172 16:00 17:40 Che Lagarto Hostel T 85.77
Fri 14-Sep Foz do Iguacu to Puerto Iguazu    
Sat 15-Sep Puerto Iguazu
Sun 16-Sep Puerto Iguazu to Cordoba Flybondi 5433 18:05 20:05 Kube Apartments T ยฃ42.25
A ยฃ24.13
Mon 17-Sep Cordoba       As above  
Tue 18-Sep Cordoba to Mendoza Andesmar 22:15     T ยฃ40.00
Wed 19-Sep Mendoza 07:00 Diplomatic Hotel   A ยฃ41.44
Th-Sa 20-22 Sep Chacras de Coria Lares de Chacras   A ยฃ132.86
Sun 23-Sep Mendoza to San Antonio de Areco Chevallier 16:00   T ยฃ41.00
Mon 24-Sep San Antonio de Areco 06:30      
Tue 25-Sep San Antonio de Areco to Buenos Aires Palo Santo Hotel   A ยฃ40.85
Wed 26-Sep Buenos Aires As above  
Thu 27-Sep Buenos Aires to Colonia      
Fri 28-Sep Colonia      
Sat 29-Sep Colonia to Montevideo      
Sun 30-Sep Montevideo      
Mon 01-Oct Montevideo to Punta del Este      
Tue 02-Oct Punta del Este      
Wed 03-Oct Buffer
Thu 04-Oct Punta to Montevideo      
Fri 05-Oct Montevideo to Colonia      
Sat 06-Oct Colonia to Buenos Aires      
Sun 07-Oct Buffer
Mon 08-Oct Buenos Aires Retiro to San Martin de los Andes Via Bariloche 16:00 T ยฃ63.00
Tu-We 9-17 Oct San Martin de los Andes/Villa La Angostura/Bariloche 12:10
Th-Sa 18-20 Oct Bariloche Charming Luxury Lodge & Private Spa A ยฃ103.00
Sun 21-Oct Bariloche to San Antonio Oeste Overnight train 17:00 MUST take this train on Sunday (arrives Monday) T ยฃ57.53
Mon 22-Oct San Antonio Oeste to Puerto Madryn 15:10 07:14
Tue 23-Oct Puerto M/Peninsula Valdez      
Wed 24-Oct Peninsula Valdez      
Thu 25-Oct Puerto Madryn to Esquel 20:15      
Fri 26-Oct Esquel 06:30      
Sat 27-Oct Esquel to El Calafate 17:00      
Sun 28-Oct El Calafate 13:00      
Mo-Sa 29 Oct-3 Nov El Calafate      
Sun 04-Nov Buffer
Mon 05-Nov El Calafate to Ushuaia      
Tu-Fr 6-23 Nov Ushuaia/Antarctica     ######
Sat 24-Nov Buffer
Sun 25-Nov Ushuaia to Punta Arenas      
Mon 26-Nov Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales      
Tue 27-Nov Buffer
We-Sa 28 Nov-1 Dec Torres del Paine      
Sun 02-Dec Puerto Natales      
Mon 03-Dec Puerto Natales Check in to ferry 09:00-18:30 T ยฃ580.65
Tue 04-Dec Pto Natales to Pto Montt 06:00      
Fri 07-Dec Puerto Montt 08:00
Sat 08-Dec Pto Montt to Castro (Chiloe)        
Sun 09-Dec Buffer
Mon 10-Dec Castro (Chiloe)        
Tue 11-Dec Castro to Pt Montt     Hotel Cabaรฑa del Lago Puerto Varas A ยฃ44.34
Pto Montt to Pto Varas
We-Sa 12-15 Dec Pto Varas     As above A ยฃ177.36
Sun 16-Dec Pto Varas to Cochamo     Refugio Cochamo
Mo-We 17-19 Dec Cochamo      
Thu 20-Dec Cochamo to Pto Varas        
Pto Varas to Valdivia
Fri 21-Dec Valdivia        
Sat 22-Dec Valdivia to Pucon       Apart Hotel del Volcรกn A ยฃ44.30
Su-Sa 23-29 Dec Pucon       As above A ยฃ313.80
Sun 30-Dec Pucon to Santa Cruz       Hotel Boutique Vendimia    A ยฃ43.45
Mon 31-Dec  Santa Cruz       As above   A ยฃ43.45
Tue 01-Jan Santa Cruz to Santiago Hotel Plaza San Francisco   A ยฃ76
We-Th 2-3 Jan Santiago As above   A
Fri 04-Jan Santiago to Cajon del Maipo Lodge Andino El Ingenio Pay US$261.80 at property A ยฃ50
Sat 05-Jan Cajon del Maipo to Algarrobo Cinque Colori Via Casablanca A ยฃ110.00
Sun 06-Jan Algarrobo As above
Mon 07-Jan Isla Negra to Valparaiso Hotel Fauna   A ยฃ56.23
Tue 08-Jan Valparaiso As above  
Wed 09-Jan Valparaiso to Zapallar Car hire   A ยฃ95.25
Thu 10-Jan Zapallar Car As above      
Fri 11-Jan Zapallar to La Serena Car Enjoy Coquimbo   A ยฃ167.67
Sa-Su 12-13 Jan La Serena Car As above Cerro Tololo observatory    
Mon 14-Jan La Serena to Calama
Calama to San Pedro De Atacama
JetSmart 11:16
Calam to San Pedro transfer reserved, pay $12000 at desk   ยฃ51
Tue 15-Jan Buffer  
Wed 16-Jan San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni Tour      
Th-Fr 17-18 Jan Uyuni    
Sat 19-Jan Uyuni to La Paz Plane 08:40 09:25      
Sun 20-Jan La Paz to Copacabana Bus 08:00 12:00      
Mon 21-Jan Copacabana to Puno Bus 09:00 19:00      
Tue 22-Jan Puno      
Wed 23-Jan Puno to Cuzco      
Th-Fr 24-25 Jan Cuzco      
Sa-Th 26-31 Jan Salkantay Trail      
Fri 01-Feb Buffer
Sat 02-Feb Cuzco to Lima VivaAir 08:05 09:44     ยฃ37.69
Sun 03-Feb Lima to Quito      
Mo-Fr 4-8 Feb Quito/Otavalo/Cotapaxi      
Sat 09-Feb Quito to Galapagos      
Su-Fr 10-15 Feb Galapagos      
Sat 16-Feb Galapagos to Guayaquil      
Sun 17-Feb Buffer
Mon 18-Feb Guayaquil to F Lauderdale Spirit 00:59
Fort Lauderdale to Barbados ยฃ112
Tue 19-Feb Buffer
We-Sa 20-23 Feb Barbados Sugar Cane Club Hotel And Spa     ยฃ143.54
Sun 24-Feb Barbados to St Lucia LIAT 17:05 17:45 Stonefield Estate Resort       ยฃ226.84
Mo-We 25-27 Feb St Lucia      
Thu 28-Feb Castries Harbour Vista Inn $71.50 payable at property   ยฃ56
Fri 01-Mar St Lucia to Dominica Ferry 07:00 11:15 Calibishie Cove     ยฃ167.72
Sa-Tu 2-5 Mar Dominica      
Wed 06-Mar Dominica to Guadeloupe Ferry 12:15 14:30 Habitation Grande Anse     ยฃ137.86
Sa-Su 7-9 Mar Guadeloupe      
Mon 11-Mar Guadeloupe to NYC Norwegian D84900 08:20 13:00 The Blakeley   T ยฃ145.20
A ยฃ119.74
Tu-We 12-13 Mar New York        
Thu 14-Mar NYC to LGW Norwegian DI7016  23:30     ยฃ174.90

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