15 Amazing Travel Facts

View from freighter ship bridge

I’ve been fortunate to visit a lot of places on this incredible planet, using a variety of transport. These amazing travel facts have been compiled using that experience, as well as research I conducted for a book, and my 20 years working in the travel industry.

Amazing Travel Facts - 1

In lieu of modern maps, one of the founders of passenger airlines plotted his first flight across the Pacific using the charts created by Captain Cook in the 1700s.

Amazing Travel Facts - 2

Travel and tourism comprises 91.3% of Macau’s economy. In Europe, Croatia is most reliant on this sector which contributes 25% of the economy.

Amazing Travel Facts - 3

You can travel from London to Australia and back again as a freighter ship passenger. It would take 97 days.

Amazing Travel Facts - 4

Moscow to Petropavlovsk is the longest contiguous domestic flight in the world currently operating, taking 8 hours and 35 mins to fly over Russia (which is bigger than Pluto).

Amazing Travel Facts - 5

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas carries more passengers than any other, and in one week those on board consume roughly the same amount of potatoes as are grown on one acre of land.

Amazing Travel Facts - 6

The Qinghai to Lhasa railway is the highest in the world, reaching 5,068m in elevation. Enriched oxygen is pumped into passenger carriages.

Amazing Travel Facts - 7

If you flip through the Slovenian passport you can see a horse and its rider gallop across the bottom of the pages.

Amazing Travel Facts - 8

Tuvalu only receives up to 2,500 tourists a year, despite being a perfect South Pacific paradise.

Amazing Travel Facts - 9

Innsbruck airport is one of Europe’s most challenging, yet dramatic to fly into. Pilots landing here require special training.

Amazing Travel Facts - 10

The Ghan in Australia is the world’s longest passenger train, with up to 44 carriages stretching just over a kilometre.

Amazing Travel Facts - 11

The Spring Festival travel season or, Chunyun, in China sees up to 385,000,000 million people travelling and is the world’s largest human migration event.

Amazing Travel Facts - 12

Workers in Kuwait are entitled to up to 43 days holiday each year (30 days annual leave plus 13 public holidays). In the USA someone could potentially have 0 days holiday entitlement.

Amazing Travel Facts - 13

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan is the world’s oldest continuously running hotel, having been established in 705AD. It has been in the same family for 52 generations.

Amazing Travel Facts - 14

Airline meals were first served on October 11, 1919 on a flight between London and Paris (it was a sandwich and fruit).

Amazing Travel Facts - 15

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport employs 63,000 people, roughly the same as Gloucester in the UK, Darwin in Australia, or Halifax in Canada.

Thanks to artists Pause08, Freepik, Becris, Roundicons, Flat Icons, DinosoftLabs, and Vectors Market who produced the icons on this amazing travel facts page.


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