#ShareTravel – top travel content Feb 2021

As I hope you know by now, this site curates the best that travel has to offer, and makes it easy for you to simply get up and go. With this in mind, and with the vast amount of travel content out there, I thought I’d start the occasional post to share the very best that I’ve seen, which this month (but not necessarily written this month) includes:

Simon Calder interview

One of my personal travel faves, Simon Calder, appeared on Travel.Radio. It was fascinating to hear more about how Simon first found his way into travel and then into journalism. He describes how “I’ve also come to realise that my greatest joy is pacing the streets of a new city” and that “London isn’t exactly new but there is still enough to be discovered and I’m walking two hours every day” (something I’ve also been doing!)

He doesn’t hold back on criticising the catastrophic response of the UK government to the pandemic, and how the travel industry has been particularly effected. “Government has shown time and again that it has no interest in the sector”. Well quite. He finishes with how travel is going to eventually bounce back. I particularly enjoyed hearing about how he loves the Alhambra, Cuba (and the terrible food), and Uzbekistan. And it helps that he has good taste in music.

Scroll down to Flight Deck With Paul Charles on 21/02/2021.

Prague to Split overnight train

Ever with his finger on the railway pulse, The Man In Seat 61 drew my attention to the new RegioJet overnight service Between Prague and Split, and how this journey can easily be booked online. Keep an eye on Seat61 for further updates and full details of this new route.

On this same subject, Mobilettre featured this article about the expansion of France’s night trains. And then there’s the possible Barcelona to Frankfurt night train, and Brussels to Malmรถโ€ฆnight train’s really do seem to be having a renaissance.

The less fun bits of travelling solo

This felt like a really brave post from Emilys Eyes Explore, which recounted all those times when travelling solo wasn’t all that fun. A lot of the situations she found herself in felt very familiar, but handily she’s included some tips so that you can hopefully avoid these misadventures.

Demonising travel

This excellent article by Pรณl ร“ Conghaile describes what a lot of us in travel are feeling; the fact that our industry has been shamed and torn apart for no good reason. Pรณl hints at how ridiculous it was for a certain government minister to state that no-one is going travelling until the whole world is vaccinated, and finishes with a nice summary about how incredibly important travel is to us all.


Transnistria is one of those places that I’ve always been aware of, but never really knew much about. Mind Of A Hitchhiker’s guest post by Heidi Koelle goes into great detail about this unrecognised state, including what it’s like to visit, as well as useful information if you want to see it yourself. So good to read travel content about somewhere relatively unknown by someone who clearly is an expert on the subject.

Lansallos Bay

RJOnTour has been doing a great job of piquing my interest in hikes here in the UK – a country which I will no doubt do much more exploring of once we’re allowed. His post on Cornwall’s Lansallos Bay has everything you need to seek out this particular highlight of the South West Coast Path.

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