Hiking light

My list of lightweight equipment for a hiking trip through the Cairngorms.

I enjoy hiking. I tend to endure camping. I’m about to hike for 3 days through Scotland’s Cairngorms (the UK’s largest national park), wild camping with my wife (Anna) and dog (Bounty).

Bounty is small. He’s also very cute, but that’s not relevant here. He can’t walk too far on his little smooshy legs. Anna will carry Bounty for some of the way, I am responsible for carrying everything else bar most of the tent. For the past year I’ve been researching and collecting lightweight equipment from purveyors such as the excellent Ultralight Outdoor Gear, now it’s time to put it to the test. Here’s most of what I’ll be carrying:

  • Hyke & Byke sleeping bag – 1127g
  • inov8 boots – 572g
  • Fire starter and 8x Fire Dragon alcohol gel firelighters – 290g
  • 2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner plus snacks – 2293g
  • Victorinox knife – 45g
  • Luci inflatable solar light – 75g
  • Thermrest Neoair Xlite (regular) – 340g
  • 20 x Swisspiranha BF120 pegs – 120g
  • Fizan Compact Ultralight Trekking Poles – 170g (we’ll have one pole each)
  • Evernew titanium pan – 153g
  • Salomon XUltra3P GTX – 380g (I’ll probably not take these, but will add to total)
  • J-Creater Lightweight Stainless Steel Stove – 399g
  • FORCLAZ Trekking 2 Seasons Tarp – 349g
  • Berghaus tent – 3344g (not a lightweight item!)
  • 2 x SNOW PEAK Titanium Trek Bowls and TITECOUGO Titanium Sporks – 160g

TOTAL: 8.86kg

There are other items I haven’t included here (clothes, my Osprey backpack, Anna’s Xlite Thermarest, Bounty’s food, lightweight towels, filter water bottles etc.), but this will probably be all that I carry when Anna has Bounty, and so hopefully my heaviest load.

Once I’ve completed the trip I will write a post reviewing both the hike, and the equipment used (and will link to it from here).


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