Persistance pays off

I nearly gave up on creating an itinerary for Kenya. It was hard to find info online and the various conversations I had with operators in the country rarely led to anything useful. Scheduled public transport doesn’t go to the Masai Mara or Amboseli. Although it’s probably possible to get matatus (colourful minibuses), they don’t operate to a timetable and so don’t help with planning, plus it could take a couple of days to do just a few hundred kilometres.

Frustrated, I decided to put together the Peru itinerary instead. Whilst doing this some of the safari and helicopter operators replied to me and so I was eventually able to put something together. What was (for me) an exciting discovery was that Kenya has a decent railway system which is being extended to other countries – now I’d love to one day travel from Nairobi to Kigali by train.

Kenya has spectacular beaches, but safety in this country is an important consideration. Diani Beach is picture-perfect, is far away enough from trouble, is fairly easy to get to and offers a large range of accomodation – a good place, therefore, in which to end a journey in must-see Kenya.


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