Perfection isn’t cheap

Of all the 83 countries I’ve been to, none has yet to knock Switzerland off the top of my favourites list. Why? Because it has breathtaking mountain scenery, cute Alpine villages, an excellent public transport system which takes you to the top of mountains, clean cities and an admirable appreciation of cheese and chocolate.

What’s the biggest obstacle for enjoying this country? Cost. If budget isn’t a problem you’ll have a wonderful time. If budget is a problem you’ll still have a wonderful time, but will have to be much more careful about how you spend your money.

The Switzerland itinerary I’ve created will be one of the most expensive journeys you take, regardless if you’re a luxury, mid-range or budget traveller. I tried to find alternatives to the railway system for budget travellers, but bus travel here is scant and so I’ve found the best way to use the railways without spending a fortune.

Thankfully Switzerland has an excellent youth hostel organisation which even mid-range travellers may want to consider. I also love the concept of the chain which sells products at the end of their sell-by date. But what to do with all those saved Swiss Francs? Take advantage of Swiss engineering, of course, by riding cable cars and cog railways up to the very tops of those picture-perfect mountains.


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