(Too much) dust in the wind

A cool wind provided a prelude to the rising sun, which began to paint the desert landscape a vivid red. If there was one moment which reminds me of Namibia, it is this one, sat on top of the immense Dune 45. Shame that wind blew dust into my camera. Ah well, it was worth it.

When I visited Namibia it was on an overland tour from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. I wasn’t burdened, therefore, by public transport, which is scant in this sparsely populated country. Hiring a (4×4) car is, however, a great part of the experience with long drives through spectacular, untouched scenery. Even budget travellers should give it a go (fuel is expensive and so I’ve kept self-drives to a minimum for those on a budget).

As well as Dune 45 at Sossussvlei, there are many astounding sights in Namibia – the vast Fish River Canyon, the busy watering holes in Etosha National Park, the shipwreck-strewn Skeleton Coast. All of them so remarkable I can easily visualise them all these years later. I also vividly remember sand boarding and I’m sure I’m still finding sand, 18 years later.

Accommodation can book up early in Namibia, possibly because decent places are hard to find. Those I have found do, however, look excellent. With South Africa and Botswana just across the border, Namibia is a worthy destination as part of a longer trip. Once I find a reliable timetable and means of public transport between Namibia and Maun in Botswana I’ll be sure to link both countries and advise on how to travel between them.


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