Lay all your love on Sweden

I can’t quite remember why I decided to take a chance on Gotland, but I’m glad I did. This Baltic island usually swarms with tourists in warmer months, but with snow still on the ground it often felt as though we had the place to ourselves. The capital, Visby, was full of charm and the empty shells of ruined churches – atmospheric doesn’t begin to describe it.

The serenity of Gotland contrasted with the bustle of Stockholm. The hotel in which we stayed was about as hipster as it gets, with even skateboards available to hire in the lobby. Although it had a good view from the roof, the ratings it receives aren’t particularly great and so, for this Sweden itinerary, I’ve chosen to recommend other accommodation from the vast choice available in this city.

Of course, the main cultural reason for visiting Sweden is to go to the ABBA Museum. Well, it is for some. For others there is the vast wilderness of Lapland, Gothenburg’s castle, the long Gรถta Canal and much more. Unfortunately, this country can cost a lot of money, money, money but the bigggest outlay for budget travellers will be the train pass – once you’ve got that you can live pretty cheaply.

So, if you have a dream of visiting Sweden and want to see it in style, or something more mid-range is the name of the game, or if you’re one of us budget travellers, then just say I do, I do, I do, I do.


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