Small but perfectly formed

One of my most amusing and abiding travel memories comes from when a friend and I travelled through Central America. We were in Monteverde, Costa Rica and decided to take the aerial tramway, which turned out to be an incredibly sedate ride through the canopy – so sedate that we were given blankets to put over our knees and the ride stopped at a little window for tea. Not quite the adrenaline rush two young lads were looking for.

I’m very happy to see that the tramway is still there, as are most of the amazing things we saw and did in Costa Rica. I wanted to pack in as many of these sights as possible in the two-week itinerary and to ensure that the luxury, mid-range and budget versions got to see everything. This isn’t a cheap country and, with shuttle buses being the easiest way to get between places, it was a challenge to get public transport info.

Finding the perfect, most convenient beaches at the end of the itinerary was key. It would be a shame, after all, to visit Costa Rica and not relax on some of the most scenic sand along the Pacific Rim.

We entered Costa Rica from Panama and departed into Nicaragua. When I get around to building itineraries for those countries I’m going to have to link them to this one, because an extended journey through Central America is highly recommended. However, if you had to pick just one country to see here then Costa Rica – with all its beaches, forests, wildlife and volcanoes – is an excellent choice.


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